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Alfresco's Professional Outdoor Kitchen Design Team

“Let Alfresco\’s professional kitchen design team help make
your outdoor dream kitchen  become a reality”

Just provide your local authorized Alfresco dealer with basic information of the outdoor space where you will be planning your outdoor kitchen, and Alrfesco\’s commercial kitchen design experts will provide a design that would make any professional chef feel right at home.

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Provide your authorized Alfresco dealer with the following:

  • Simple sketch (see sample sketch) of the space w/ lines and dimensions.
  • Direction indicator i.e. East, West, North, South.
  • Location of house in relationship to kitchen.
  • Location of pool (if one) in relationship to kitchen.
  • Outdoor room (if one) in relationship to kitchen.
  • Outdoor Fireplace if one.
  • Prevailing wind direction in relationship to kitchen.
  • View in relationship to kitchen.
  • Photos of space if possible.
  • Gas type i.e. natural or propane.

Selecting Your Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Components

You-Dream It

The Alfresco Grills Design Solutions helps you to take the vision of your ideal backyard kitchen and entertainment area, and make it real.

We-Design It

Alfresco\’s complementary design service will take your concept of an ideal outdoor kitchen for your backyard and will turn it into a layout that will help you realize your vision of the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

You-Love It

Alfresco has without question, the most complete, highest quality, and most versatile outdoor kitchen equipment product line in the world today. Make your backyard the best room in the house with Alfresco.